Our impact

With every Agua e Lulo purchase, consumers are supporting the artisans, their families and their communities. Agua e Lulo provides a specialized platform to promote their ancestral work. 

We design and produce iconic pieces taking maximum care of our resources. 

Our pieces are designed to be timeless and made to last a lifetime. Quality is a major focus to ensure a longer life cycle and reduce rapid consumption.

“Made to order” as a production approach allow us to handcraft accessories in limited quantities to ensure its sustainability and uniqueness. 

As we continue to grow, we are committed to find new ways to reduce our impact, we currently work with chrome-free leather being recycled from meat waste. 

We love the idea of limited edition and small-batch of products, that is why we optimize the use of “molas” in the creation of new pieces. 

We work directly with our artisans to create modern products while respecting, preserving, and protecting traditional artistry.  We embrace slow design and artisanal production.

We co-create products that respects, preserves and protects slow design and artisanal production.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to pursue our search for more ways to reduce our impact.

That is why we make few units of each product, and we optimize the use of molas in the creation of new pieces and we work with chrome-free leather that is recycled from meat waste.

When you buy an Agua e Lulo product, you help preserve our ancient traditions since we can continue creating in co-creation with our artisans


  • We have created sustainable employment for more than 8 families
  • We support local businesses and freelancers
  • We have become strategic allies of our artisan partners, we respect them, we pay them fairly and promptly, and we implement fair trade standards


All our packaging is fully recyclable. We use paper and cardboard produced from sugar cane fiber, reducing water and energy usage and at the same time lessen CO2 emissions. Instead of using paper or plastic bags, we use velvet bags that can be easily reused.